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Include your last 4 months of business bank statements (If you have more than one business bank account, please attached the bank statements associated with each one of them)


A clear photo of your valid driver's license. (Please attach file)
A clear photo of a voided check from your business account. (Please attach file) * *

Term Loan

A term loan provides funding for small businesses in a single lump sum. Maximum loan amounts typically exceed those offered by a line of credit or cash advance. Borrowers repay a term loan through a regular schedule of monthly payments. Some term loans, called secured loans, require collateral. Unsecured term loans do not. Latin Financial does not require that loans be secured by specific collateral, relying instead on a general lien on the assets of the business.

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Line of Credit

A business line of credit provides access to a fixed amount of funding that borrowers can tap as needed. Funds are repaid through a regular schedule of payments, with borrowers replenishing their available credit as they repay. A line of credit is a good financing option for recurring expenses — it allows borrowers to withdraw within their credit limit without reapplying.

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Merchant Cash Advance

merchant cash advance (MCA) provides businesses with lump-sum financing in exchange for a percentage of future sales. Funding is often quick, but interest rates can be much higher than other forms of small business financing.

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Commercial Real Estate

Experienced Lenders. Expedited Loans. Flexible Funding to Grow Your Real Estate Business Trust us to close your loan with efficiency and certainty through our streamlined funding process. Short-term funding that allows you to capitalize on your real estate investment opportunities.

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E Commerce

E-commerce is the process of buying and selling products online. To offer your products online, you need a payment processor.

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Point of SalePOS

What is a point of sale system? In short, a POS (Point of Sale Terminal) is a device that allows accepting credit card payments in person. Contactless payment is becoming the most desirable. Aspects to consider when choosing a POS: Initial installation cost Payment processing expenses Device rental/purchase expenses Secure PCI compliance Can accept EMV chip cards and NFC payments (i.e., Apple Pay, Android Pay)

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